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Genshin Impact hosts its first art exhibition with life-size characters

The Paris-based exhibit features more than 16 original pieces of concept art
Genshin Impact hosts its first art exhibition with life-size characters
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HoYoverse has premiered Genshin Impact’s first-ever official art exhibition in Paris, called "Endless Adventure in Teyvat". The exhibit is now open and runs until 10 January with free entry between 9AM and 8PM each day.

The exhibition is at Galerie Joseph in Paris, France. You can find their details and location here.

Characters, concepts and more

Appearing at the Galerie Joseph, the exhibit features a range of artworks, including more than 16 original pieces of concept art, sketches, original albums, developer notes, videos and models. There are more than 40 pieces in total, plus art by artists and fans who were inspired by the game.

One purpose of the exhibition is to offer visitors insight into the collaborative effort between artists, writers, musicians and others to create one of the world’s most successful mobile games. Whilst no registration is required to enter the exhibit, over 14,000 people have registered online thus far, hoping to see the life-size replicas of characters including Xiao and Yun Jin, with appearances varying according to different stages of development. In fact, the display features 60 of the game’s playable characters.

There is also a 3D map at the event, 14m², of the current in-game landscapes.

Genshin’s background

First released in September 2020, Genshin Impact earned revenues of $1 billion in its first six months – three months faster than Pokémon Go. By its first anniversary the gacha game reached $2 billion, and surpassed $3.6 billion ahead of its second anniversary. Of revenues earned by August 2022, 32 percent came from China. Japanese players accounted for 24 percent of revenue and the US contributed 18 percent – interesting to consider when the new exhibit has opened in France.

Genshin Impact has recently reached the $4 billion mark in lifetime revenue, perhaps suggesting that China’s gaming regulations are in fact working to the benefit of its largest developers.

Back in the summer of 2022, Singapore was selected to be the base of operations for HoYoverse with intentions to create hundreds of new jobs. The location became the company’s fifth overseas outpost.