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Genshin Impact to host real-world summer events in Paris, New York and Berlin

The game’s first-ever summer festival is coming this July
Genshin Impact to host real-world summer events in Paris, New York and Berlin

Even with the hugely successful launch of Honkai: Star Rail, it’s clear that developer HoYoverse isn’t leaving its former smash-hit Genshin Impact behind in its stardust.

After all, this July will see Genshin’s first-ever summer festival with gatherings in Paris, New York and Berlin, as well as anime and culture conventions. The event is now open for free pre-registration.

Ready for summer

Genshin isn’t the only mobile property to be moving beyond the small screen, with Rovio having established an Angry Birds World that features multiple rides and attractions.

The Genshin Impact summer festival is set to take place for two days in each location throughout July, first in France, then the US, and finishing up in Germany. Each location is to be decorated in a way inspired by Genshin Impact with a stage, gaming area, music space, food, photography, merchandise and more.

Each city’s layout is promised to be different with specific programs; France will focus on music, with HoYoverse working with Yamaha Music Europe and its professional musicians to teach fans how to play Genshin Impact's themes. Germany’s unique feature will be its fireworks displays.

The summer festival will also feature fan art and even include opportunities to create some. This arty aspect is reminiscent of the first Genshin Impact art exhibit in Paris back in January, where life-size characters were featured.

The open-world RPG is still three months away from its third anniversary, and in its time so far has already generated more than $4 billion in revenue. The game even outpaced Pokémon Go in reaching the initial $1 billion milestone.

However, it has been pushed to second place in the international revenue charts by the new HoYoverse game Honkai: Star Rail. The title broke records with a total 20 million downloads in its first two days, and its blockbuster performance has only continued from there.