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Google outlines the future of Google Play, including better betas and Early Access

A plethora of useful changes
Google outlines the future of Google Play, including better betas and Early Access

During its 2016 I/O event, Google has outlined the upcoming changes to its Google Play store that developers can look forward to.

First on the list is "better betas", which will allow users to join open betas through the Play Store directly, as well as adding a new Google Play Early Access section, which will include a curated group of games in open beta.

There's also a new Pre-Launch Report, which summarises issues found on different Android devices when testing on the Firebase Test Lab into an easy-to-read graph.

There have also been improvements to review statistics, as developers can now see how their games stack up to the competition in terms of reviews, and there's a new Reply to Review API that will make it easier for developers to respond to any criticisms or questions.

Building for billions

Developers can also now compare their user acquisition against other games, and user acquisition data can also be seen by country.

Google also wants its developers to launch their games worldwide with ease, by adding automatic rounding of pricing to local conventions, as well as adding new payment methods for emerging markets, and improving Play Store performance more generally.


Finally, Google is releasing two new apps to help developers;

  • the Play Console app, which allows devs to keep track of their games and apps from their phones, and
  • the Playbook app, which gives developers a tailored list of helpful resources based on their objectives for their game.

You can find out all the details on the Android Developers blog.