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Google Play Early Access now open to all Android developers

But devs must be given approval to participate
Google Play Early Access now open to all Android developers
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All Android developers can now apply for the Google Play Early Access program that lets users play their games before full release.

Google says it wants new apps and games that “are testing new ideas, user interaction flows and business ideas”. It will be adding apps in open beta on a weekly basis.

Though Google is accepting submissions from any developer, it still has the final say on approvals for the program.

When signing up, developers must submit an open beta launch date and also a production launch date.

The form also asks whether developers will launch on Android or iOS first, or both at the same time. It’s unclear if this will affect a developer’s chances of being picked for Google Play Early Access.

Early adopters

The open beta initiative was launched earlier this year but was limited to just 29 apps.

Although these open beta titles were originally also restricted to a select number of players, they have since been opened up to all Android users.

Since going live in May, Early Access apps have been installed over one million times.

To take part in the scheme, developers can fill in the Google Play Early Access application form here.