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Google brings playable ads and auto-flipping video ads to AdMob

Opens up video inventory by adding AdWords video ads
Google brings playable ads and auto-flipping video ads to AdMob

Google has updated its monetisation platform with a raft of new tools and formats for developers to implement in their free-to-play games.

One of the biggest additions is the AutoFlip feature. This will allow developers to create just one horizontal trailer, which will then be automatically flipped into a vertical trailer.

It uses machine learning technology to identify the most important objects in every frame of the ad, and then highlights these in its vertical ad. The tech has shown to improve CTRs by 20% in early tests.

Play your ads

Google is also adding playable ads, which are becoming a popular form of advertising on mobile. Google's Playables will allow developers to put smaller versions of their games into an app that can be easily played by an ad viewer.

AdMob is also increasing its pool of video ads available for rewarded video ads by merging its by bringing in Google's video app install advertising demand from AdWords.

Google has introduced a number of improvements for its services already at GDC 2017. On Google Play, it is introducing new algorithms to give new games a better chance of being discovered.