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Grand-Attic games, formerly Hadi, raises $5.3 million

The cash and rebrand came as part of a seed-2 round
Grand-Attic games, formerly Hadi, raises $5.3 million
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Grand-Attic games have raised $5.3m as part of a seed-2 round investment led by Makers Fund, which accompanies the new rebrand to Hadi.

Additional investors include Tripledot co-founder Akin Babayigit and Coda Labs co-founder Şekip Can Gökalp, as well as follow-on investment from previous funding round leader Griffin Gaming Partners. Grand-Attic is led by former Voodoo and Gram Games executives, including designer and creative director Mark Muller. The studio will now also be moving its headquarters from Istanbul to London, although the company will remain remote-first in terms of its working practices.

In his capacity as co–founder and CEO of Grand-Attic, Mark Muller commented “Grand-Attic was built on the power of small, independent teams working to create, iterate and innovate on high-quality mobile experiences.

“As we rebrand from Hadi to Grand-Attic, and move our HQ to the UK, we will continue to hire from the best global talent, including Turkey, to deliver the next generation of top mobile games around the world.”

Now Istanbul, now London

Hadi’s rebrand is not unusual as the company seeks to reestablish itself and anchor itself firmly as it grows. But the move to London is particularly notable in that it’s a major switch from their previous home of Istanbul. As Muller stresses in his comment, the remote-first nature of Grand-Attic means that their established hiring-pool in Türkiye will still easily be able to apply, while casting their net wider with a new more global headquarters. The company also still has several unannounced projects in development, offering a clear path forward and some exciting possibilities for what they will produce.

Turkiye itself has been a major source of exits and investments, and something Grand Attic themselves benefited from. The large number of engaged mobile gamers offers a truly fertile breeding ground for companies wanting to connect with their audiences. Whether the move to London makes any substantial difference will be something other companies considering similar moves are likely to keep their eyes on.