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Harmony Games raises $3M in seed round to build an AI puzzle game

The seed round was led by Griffin Gaming Partners
Harmony Games raises $3M in seed round to build an AI puzzle game
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 26, 2023 investment Griffin Gaming Partners Harmony Games $3m
  • Harmony Games plans to create The World of Tiles universe with multi-game characters.
  • Griffin Gaming Partners, Kristian Segerstrale and Akin Babayigit invested in the round.
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New studio Harmony Games has raised $3 million in its seed funding round, planning to use the funds to "revolutionise" gaming with its debut puzzle game Tiles Delight.

The round was led by venture capital firm Griffin Gaming Partners, with Kristian Segerstrale, and Akin Babayigit also investing.

Utilising new tech

Harmony is hoping to create something novel in the densely populated mobile puzzle scene through its use of artificial intelligence, building landscapes, 3D environments and characters with unique attributes. Harmony also hopes to build The World of Tiles universe, with Tiles Delight characters and narratives crossing over into at least two future games.

The studio was founded by CEO Volkan Ediz, CXO James Koh and CTO Joseph Kubiak, formerly of Super Evil Megacorp, Wildlife Studios and Kubaik, respectively.

"We believe gaming is ushering in a new era, marked by a wave of companies embracing an AI-first culture. We're proud to be at the forefront, crafting tools, processes, and assets in a harmonious AI-human collaboration. Our long-term vision is clear: one engineer, one artist, one designer, multiple AIs - all culminating in a singular game experience," said Ediz.

"With the support of Griffin Gaming Partners, we aim to craft experiences where players find solace, delight, and genuine social connections. We are also envisioning experiences that extend beyond the game with ethical and positive marketing, while fostering passionate communities," said Koh.

Griffin Gaming Partners co-founder and managing director Phil Sanderson added, "Our belief in the company's vision and commitment to creating innovative, harmonious gaming experiences is unwavering. Harmony Games is poised to reshape the future of the mobile puzzle gaming industry, and we are excited to be a part of this transformative journey, unlocking new dimensions of entertainment and connection for gamers worldwide."

Earlier this month, Eternights developer Studio Sai raised $7 million in a seed round led by PUBG publisher Krafton. Riot-backed Forge, meanwhile, raised $11 million to launch a platform rewarding gamer communities.