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Inside Nostra's game-changing lock screen experiences | Podcast

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Inside Nostra's game-changing lock screen experiences | Podcast
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Whether it’s via webshops, alternative app stores or by going multiplatform, the race to find more ways to get your game in front of more users is real - and so is the competitive edge you achieve if the channels you choose put the player experience first.

In this episode, we zoom in on InMobi Group’s Nostra, a platform revolutionising game publishing and development in Southeast Asia and India by creating snackable, instant gaming experiences - all on your phone’s lock screen.

It’s a unique offering and a crowd-pleaser, according to the numbers. Nostra, powered by the Glance, dominates the region, boasting a roster of 500+ games and 100M+ monthly active users.

Deepak Venkatramani, Vice President of Business & Operations at Glance, steps onto the show this week to tell hosts Peggy Anne Salz and Brian Baglow how Nostra offers any game access to players anywhere in the world, allowing them to scale fast and win big.

Felicity, a studio that gained 1M+ MAUs with a three-person team, shares its success story with Nostra. Felicity Founder and CEO Anurag Choudhary joins the episode to share how Nostra’s rapid feedback features and fee-free access to players across the globe literally change the game for his studio and hundreds more across the globe. 

What's inside:

00:00 - Intro
03:55 - What is Nostra?
08:00 - How lock screen gaming increases engagement
10:00 - Nostra scaling games
14:15 - Rapid feedback affecting process
18:00 - Impact on developer ecosystem
22:20 - What makes Nostra different?
25:24 - Going global 
28:50 - Expanding the pie
33:24 - Advice for smaller studios
35:00 - Favourite games Q&A

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