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UX design, team management tips and publishing advice: Inside the Indie Track at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle will run from May 13th to 14th
UX design, team management tips and publishing advice: Inside the Indie Track at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle
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With two weeks to go until Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle commences on May 13th and runs to the 14th, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the 10 tracks on offer at the event (plus there's also four tracks over on PC Connects).

In the build-up, we will be looking at one specific track daily to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Today we’re looking at the Indie Track, which will focus on everything from concept development all the way through to launch.

Essentially this track will offer attendees advice on how to survive and thrive in today’s mobile games development landscape.

May 14th

14:00 - founder and lead writer Emily Rose will begin the day by hosting a session on how to can grow the social reach of indies. Developer representation as well as social media outreach will be key parts of this talk.

14:20 - Independent composer Taylor Ambrosio Wood, who started her music career when she was nine years old, will then work through her 10 must-know business tips for freelancers in the games industry.

14:40 - Following this, Pixel Federation UX game designer Martin Jurášek will take the stage to discuss design tips for user experience on mobile, with examples taken from the studio’s strategy resource title Seaport.

15:00 - Unbound founder and creative director Jakub Kasztalski will next speak on how to mix third-party assets without making your game look cheap. Kasztalski recently launched his fourth title, Headliner: NoviNews, an adventure surrounding media and fake news

15:20 - The first speed panel of the day will pit our experts against one another, all revolving tips for smooth teams. AuthorDigital co-founder Jason Robar, Tavant associate UX design architect Akash Thakkar and Seismic Squirrel business product manager Seth Crofton will be in the hot seat for this one.

15:40 - Denali Publishing co-founder and president Sabaa Rehmani shall then present a talk on the basics of publishing for indies or mid-level organisations interested in managing their own mobile applications in today’s competitive marketplace.

16:00 - Possessing more than 25 years in the games industry, Geogrify CEO Kate Edwards will host a session with the focal point being on building leverage for game creators, pulling from her decades of experience.

16:20 - The second panel is a one-man show anchored by A Thinking Ape’s director of product Tayber Voyer. The subject at the centre of this will be ‘using core values as the operating system for company culture’.

16:40 - Finally the Indie Track ends on a returning favourite with Fantasy Games Pitching. Our esteemed contestants will be East Side Games communications manager Lidi Giroux, Geogrify CEO Kate Edwards, Niantic Labs game designer Laura Warner, and AuthorDigital CEO Serena Robar.

These sessions are from just one of the 10 tracks taking place at the show the year.

You can check out our full schedule to see the other impressive speakers attending, though be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to the event.

Like what you see? There’s still time to register for Pocket Gamer Connect Seattle right here.