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Branding, culture and diversity: Inside Trade Trends at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle will run from May 13th to 14th
Branding, culture and diversity: Inside Trade Trends at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle
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With less than a week to go until Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle takes place on May 13th and 14th, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the 10 tracks on offer at the event (plus there's also four tracks over on PC Connects).

In the build-up, we will be looking at one specific track daily to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Today we’re looking at the Trade Trends, that will be focusing on facts, figures and insight into the hottest industry trends from across the globe. Expect coverage of brands, company culture, big data overviews, HTML5 opportunities and much more.

Trade Trends is sponsored by GameAnalytics.

May 13th

09:40 - First up, GameAnalytics director of customer operations Ivan Bravo will hold a session looking at global trends in hyper-casual games, that will include a deep dive into retention metrics, emerging trends as well as ideas for retaining and re-engaging players

10:00 - App Annie senior manager of professional services Herman Lee then will host a session on the future of games while analysing global trends.

10:20 - Next our first panel of the day will feature Exponential Entertainment CEO Dave Long, NBCUniversal EVP Chris Heatherly and Eastside Games co-founder and CEO Josh Nilson all discussing how to work with brands and licensed IP.

10:40 - FlowPlay chief revenue officer Craig Robinson shall then reveal little known secrets surrounding scalable, cross-platform game creation tools with a spotlight on Haxe.

11:00 - Piik Games CEO Ted Mui will then take the stage to hold a fireside chat on location-based games and big-name intellectual properties.

11:20 - Following this, we have a panel on consolidations and acquisition strategies. CVCapital managing director Jim Ying will be joined by Modern Times Group partner Christopher Bergstresser, Agnitio Capital managing director David Bluhm, FunPlus director Graham Gockley and Jam City director of corporate development John Peterson.

12:00 - Steel Media’s own CEO Chris James will then host a fireside chat with Roblox vice president of product Enrico D’Angelo on ‘Gaming Platforms: Going Beyond Distribution’.

12:20 - Our final panel brings together a range of experts from all different backgrounds to discuss culture and diversity. Set to appear are Geogrify CEO Kate Edwards, Digipen game software design and production Jo Cronk, Spry Fox CEO David Edery, LBC Studios CEO Solon Bucholtz, Masquerade Media president Dayan Paul and founder and lead writer Emily Rose.

These sessions are from just one of the 10 tracks taking place at the show the year.

You can check out our full schedule to see the other impressive speakers attending, though be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to the event.

Like what you see? There’s still time to register for Pocket Gamer Connect Seattle right here.