GREE's global platform the perfect base for 'hardcore' brands, claims Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed Utopia no casual affair

GREE's global platform the perfect base for 'hardcore' brands, claims Ubisoft
Dispelling the notion that mobile social game networks only appeal to casual gamers, Ubisoft has claimed its Assassin's Creed release for GREE's global platform will be a "hardcore" affair.

Speaking to Pocket Gamer deputy editor Will Wilson at E3, producer Andreane Meunier said GREE's newly launched platform is the perfect base for Ubisoft to deliver an experience true to the franchise's ideals.

No social slacker

"We recognise that they have a great platform, and now that they've announced the global release of the platform, they’re the ideal partner," Meunier said of GREE.

"So we're working together to make a unique experience on mobile that’s not going to be just 'casual', but that can also be related to more 'hardcore' brands."

Meunier noted that Assassin's Creed Utopia will naturally feature "a lot of social elements" because "that's one of the things GREE does very well."

"We're happy to work with them because of their expertise and we’re bringing in our narrative expertise, artistic direction, and overall creative look at the story," Meunier continued.

"We have a great partnership with them. There is a huge time difference - 12 hours between Montreal and their offices - but we’ve worked very closely with them."

Staying true

Meunier said Ubisoft was conscious fans would be expected a game that's worthy of the franchise, adding the publisher will devlier a "true Assassin's Creed experience, to make sure the fans and those that know and love the brand really recognise the Assassin’s Creed touch."

"That's what both GREE and Ubisoft want to work at is making sure that the product is fully integrated and is true to the values of the brand," Meunier concluded.
Assassin's Creed Utopia is just one of a number of western-focused titles heading to GREE's platform, as the Japanese social giant looks to make a major splash out of its previous Asian confines.

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