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PG Connects Advent Day 15: Developers, meet investors (or vice versa)

Reworked matchmaking session enables one-to-one meets within a relaxed and conducive setting
PG Connects Advent Day 15: Developers, meet investors (or vice versa)

We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of business boosting brilliance.

We've previously covered our SpeedMatch session for developers to meet publishers at PG Connects London 2018 (January 22nd to 23rd). Launched some three years back, it's consistently been a popular and productive inclusion in our networking-centric line-up of fringe events held during the Connects conferences.

We ran a similar option for investors, too, but following feedback we've altered this to a set up that should prove more suitable to the style of meetings that would prove most beneficial to the relevant parties.

Enter our Investor Matchmaking solution.

Designed entirely around helping investors connect with developers, and vice versa, this two-hour session will enable some 20 shortlisted companies looking for or offering investment to grab some one-on-one time within a quiet, relaxed spot of the PGC London venue.

The Investor Matchmaking will take place during the afternoon of Day 2, requires application (via the link above), and is subject to a vetting process but it is absolutely free to any PG (or XR or PC) Connects delegate.

If you've not yet registered for the conference you can do so here.

We'll follow up with additional information on this and all of the many other networking options at PGC London in future updates.