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iOS gameplay video sharing outfit Kamcord announces 1 billion recordings

Plus additional funding brings seed round to $2.5 million
iOS gameplay video sharing outfit Kamcord announces 1 billion recordings

Gameplay video shares are going to be a big thing on PlayStation 4.

But the mobile gaming generation are already enjoying the experience.

Indeed, US iOS video sharing outfit Kamcord has just announced that its technology has generated over 1 billion recordings.

That's up from 500 million in June 2013

Because of the automatic way the system works, the majority of these aren't shared, but it's an impressive demonstration of Kamcord's momentum since its launch in June 2012.

It's been integrated into around 115 games.

Showing off

To give a better idea of what sort of virality Kamcord can provide, it's broken out some detailed figures for Deemedya's Trial Xtreme 3.

In July 2013, 139 million gameplay videos were recorded, with players viewing 743,000 of their own replays.

In total, 122,000 videos (or 0.088 percent of those recorded) were shared.

On that basis, 1 billion recordings would have generated around 900,000 shares. 

"Kamcord has helped our game get great exposure on key social media channels, winning us more downloads and popularity," said Deemedya's Doron Kagan.

"Plus, users love Kamcord! They use it to improve their riding skills and to achieve better scores."

Future growth

Building on this activity, Kamcord has also announced it's raised a further $1 million.

This takes its seed round to $2.5 million.

Previous investor Tencent was involved, while Chinese VC firm Innovation Works becomes an investor for the first time.

The cash will enable Kamcord to expand its staff - it's currently 11-strong - rolling out a consumer-focused website, and a new SDK with deeper social profiles.

Also on the to-do list is support for Android games.