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Is Samurai Shodown coming to mobile on Netflix Games?

A now-private video, widely shared, indicates the SNK title would be released soon on Netflix Games
Is Samurai Shodown coming to mobile on Netflix Games?

SNK’s fighting game series, Samurai Shodown, may now be making the jump to mobile once more with its latest entry … and releasing it exclusively to Netflix Games.

At least, that seems to be what’s happening. The announcement, first spotted by gaming Twitter account @Wario64, came in the form of a YouTube trailer with a URL resolving at Netflix's YouTuve account but quickly privated by the uploader. However, it was also quickly downloaded and uploaded to Reddit board r/iosgaming. The trailer itself gives little away, aside from of course the fact that it’s coming “Exclusively to Netflix Games” and that online play will be available for the title - a vital factor for multiplayer fighting games like SamSho.

It’s not the first time that the Samurai Shodown series has made its way to mobile, as some of the older titles from the 90s such as Samurai Shodown 2 and 5 are available on iOS and Android. But if this announcement is confirmed however, it would be a major step beyond the porting of older titles, as Samurai Shodown (2019) is a relatively recent, graphically intensive and technically advanced entry in the series. It would also be a major coup for Netflix Games to have this title exclusively on their platform.

Rushdown to mobile

It’s undeniable that Netflix has been chomping at the bit to add newer, bigger and better games to their service. Netflix Games has suffered from low user visibility and adoption, but the streaming giant has continued to invest in a huge variety of exclusive and costly titles. With recent additions such as Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, and classic titles like World of Goo, the company has been rapidly expanding its portfolio.

Given that Netflix only recently announced that they would be releasing a slew of new titles in the Summer, it’s not clear when Samurai Shodown would release on the platform. All is sure to become clear when, inevitably Netflix offers some comment to confirm or clarify what is happening with this major new title.