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King to pull in-app advertising from games library

Looking to provide 'uninterrupted entertainment'
King to pull in-app advertising from games library
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Social games specialist King is to pull in-game advertising from its library of games in a bid to provide its players with "uninterrupted entertainment."

That's according to King's advertising partners, who claim to received an email from King pointing to a decision to remove advertising as a "core element" of the company's strategy moving forward.

Crushing advertising

"King's #1 focus around delivering an uninterrupted entertainment experience for our network of loyal players across web, tablet and mobile has unfortunately led to the difficult decision of removing advertising as a core element of King’s overall strategy," the Candy Crush Saga developer said in a statement.

"The executive team has decided to withdraw completely from the advertising business thus, removing all advertising elements within every King game worldwide effective immediately."

The news is interesting not only for King's consumers, but also for the company's health.

To put it bluntly, if the King can afford to cut out advertising wholesale, the firm's focus on generating revenue from in-app purchases must be proving mighty successful so much so that it renders in-app ads redundant.

Indeed, Candy Crush Saga's success has not been lost on editor Keith Andrew recently claimed the game was enjoying its "Angry Birds moment."

We've reached out to King for further comment on the move.

[source: Inside Social Apps]