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Korean B2B gaming event PlayX4 to take place online on 10th - 14th May

Almost 300 games companies attended in 2019
Korean B2B gaming event PlayX4 to take place online on 10th - 14th May

PlayX4 B2B, a global game show hosted by Gyeonggi-do Province, Korea, has become one of the biggest game shows in Korea since its launch in 2009.

2019 PlayX4 B2B attracted 22 countries and 296 game-related companies from all over the world. 1,388 business meetings took place during the event.

PlayX4, which lays out a vision for the global game industry, was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, and it was a shame for global game companies.

2021 PlayX4 B2B is scheduled for five days from 10th to 14th May. The event will set new milestones for global game companies and online game shows around the world.

A new way to overcome time and space with '24h Biz. On'

With video conferencing on the rise due to COVID-19 situation, the 2021 PlayX4 B2B event features a stable video conferencing system and other significant features tailored to the current situation so that global game companies can trade games, exchange information, and cooperate freely and smoothly. The features are as follows.

First, the B2B event will be held via a stable video conferencing system, thus overcome the spatial barriers in the global pandemic where face-to-face interaction is challenging. Along with the more sophisticated business matching system, and an On & Off video service will be provided even under the post-COVID-19.

Second, the event will take place for 24 hours a day to overcome the time differences between game companies around the world and will accommodate all time zones.

Furthermore, during the event, interpreters will provide English, Chinese, and Japanese language interpretation services full-time. It is expected that many global game companies will attend the event because they have support to overcome language barriers.

The event will provide opportunities for small and medium-sized game companies to enter the global market. The 2019 Play X4 B2B event attracted game publishers and developers from countries leading the global game market, such as North American countries, European countries, Southeast Asian countries, China, and Japan. It achieved high results on future game trends and development cooperation.


As 2021 PlayX4 B2B will be held online, it is expected that global leading game companies and small and medium-sized game companies will use the business matching service a lot.

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, the game industry is growing fast due to the increase in playing time. However, it would be ideal if the growth is not limited to big games and more inclusive. Therefore, it is expected that various games and ideas of Korean small and medium-sized game companies and global game companies will create high synergy in 2021.

In particular, the Gyeonggi Content Agency that organises 2021 PlayX4 B2B believes that game-planning ability and successful game development experiences are significant factors in determining a company's future success in the global game market under the COVID-19 pandemic.

To support the expansion of small and medium-sized game companies into the international market, during the 2021 PlayX4 Event, participant-made games will be shown to overseas buyers. The companies that get good responses from foreign buyers will get support in marketing and promotion activities for their products abroad.

A new challenge for the future

The PlayX4 B2B 2021 event aims to present a new alternative for the global game industry. In order to support new challenges toward the future in the COVID-19 era, there will be no participation fee for the event.

You will be closer to a chance to grow your company into a global game enterprise just by attending this event, which will be held for the second time in Asia and the first time in Korea in 2021.

We wish to meet leaders in the global game industry at 2021 PlayX4 On-line B2B. Register at :