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LiveOps on a shoestring budget | Podcast

MobilityWare's Larry Hsieh explains how you can 'do more with less' to keep your players engaged
LiveOps on a shoestring budget | Podcast
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Can indie developers really run LiveOps campaigns that are the envy of the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers? Does it take a cast of thousands to create and implement a program of events to encourage user engagement and activity? And how can LiveOps help ensure your business remains profitable even in a recession?

Gone are the days when a game was 'done' when the software shipped. Now, you get the product out - and that's when the fun begins! For series 2, episode 6 of the Podcast, managing editor Brian Baglow and his new co-host, Peggy Anne Salz, catch up with Larry Hsieh, principal product manager at MobilityWare.

Larry explains why building and maintaining a great game doesn't require a big budget. He also shares tips and tricks on engaging and retaining users through customised events and live ops.

On this week's podcast…

On events: Ride the trends and remain relevant because that's where the market's going. His advice: Keep the core the same and then add a seasonal event to boost the game appeal. "Bring enjoyment and fun to the experience - that's what makes them come back and want to play!"

On player segmentation: Deliver rewards or prizes to the player at the right time. "If you run LiveOps, you can actually tailor the whole experience.” His advice: Match highly engaged VIP players with high-value rewards. New users, because they might be struggling to master the game, should be offered an extra chance to win. “That helps them advance in the game faster.”

On a one-stop solution: It’s great to have the data, but it’s better to have a system that connects the dots to communicate in a way that resonates with the players. In his case, using a tool like Leanplum brings together in-app messaging, remote config and more. “Then the A/B helps us test all those things out to make sure what works.”

About our guest

Larry is a seasoned product manager with a passion for crypto, real estate and startup investing focused on product software development, great user experiences, and monetisation with expertise in mobile apps, web media and advertising.

MobilityWare was founded in 1991 as a communication software company before entering the world of mobile gaming in July 2008, releasing several games the day the App Store launched. Solitaire has become the company’s most well-known title and remains an essential download for many of the Pocket Gamer team to this day. MobilityWare has now achieved more than 430 million installs across its product portfolio.

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