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Make more money from your game with audio ads - watch our free video session here now

Our latest official RoundTable is available free to watch now
Make more money from your game with audio ads - watch our free video session here now

The hot topic at the moment amongst monetisation experts is new ad formats. How can you make money from your games without disrupting the player’s experience? Enter audio ads, something we’re hearing more and more about at our conferences and events.

Yesterday saw the RoundTable series return with an exploration into the new opportunities in mobile game audio and why they matter to the growth of your business, hosted online in association with AudioMob.

The RoundTable session was streamed live, recorded and now has been made available for viewing in case you couldn’t make the live session.

Audio has always mattered to games, with sweeping scores, meticulously directed dialogue and nuanced sound FX making games more immersive, more convincing and more playable. But now a combination of new industry trends, rising technology and increasing intersection with other mediums has brought game makers and publishers a host of new opportunities.

In this session, our expert speakers explore how game makers can harness this potential and more essential topics surrounding mobile game audio advertising. The panellists that took part included AudioMob co-founder and CEO Christian Facey; 9th Impact game studio director Mark Quick; AnyEver head of digital development Niklas Lürken, and The7stars client team lead of entertainment Julia Reip, all of them experts in this field.

The panel was moderated by managing editor Brian Baglow. This is a wonderful chance to get an hour’s free insight from them all.

Catch up on the entire RoundTable below.


Coming up next…

The RoundTable series returns on Tuesday, June 29th with a deep-dive exploration of the opportunities of in-play advertising, sponsored by Admix. We will host the stream on our YouTube channel at 4pm (UK Time) the day it takes place. Mark it in your calendars and don’t miss out.

About our supporters

This week’s free RoundTable was hosted in association with AudioMob. Rewarded audio is emerging as an effective alternative to blocking players with rewarded video ads. Its non-intrusive nature as an ad format is making it a rapid favourite: AudioMob’s simple Unity plug-in offers a new complementary way of monetising without interrupting gameplay, by running rewarded audio ads seamlessly alongside the action.

It is the simple ad solution that the gaming world needed: it is changing the way branded messages are shared, welcomed by gamers and helping game developers see their hard work pay off.

Find out more here.

If you would like to sponsor a future RoundTable session, please contact Lisa at or book a chat here.