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Voodoo signs partnership with Audiomob for audio ads

Deal sees ads provider become exclusive audio partner for the top 50% of the publisher's inventory
Voodoo signs partnership with Audiomob for audio ads
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 10, 2024 partnership AudioMob Voodoo Not disclosed

Hypercasual and hybridcasual publisher Voodoo has sealed a partnership with Audiomob to bring audio ads to its games.

The deal will see Audiomob become the exclusive audio partner for the top 50% of Voodoo’s inventory, with the aim of integrating skippable and rewarded audio ads across its games and apps.

Audiomob co-founder and CTO Wilfrid Obeng (pictured main, right) told audio ads could be integrated during gameplay and enable continuous play without visual interruption, which he said provides a “less intrusive experience”.

“Audio ads allow developers to monetise their game and apps without interrupting the user experience,” said Obeng.

“We are seeing no retention damage when audio ads are added to mobile games and apps. 

“The Audiomob SDK detects the device volume on both Android and iOS and our data shows over 75% of users have their volume above the 10% volume threshold, meaning the majority of users can be monetised.”

“Non-intrusive" ads

Obeng said the Voodoo partnership demonstrated that audio advertising “has reached a point of maturity”.

“It highlights the viability of audio ads in providing a seamless, non-intrusive user experience while maintaining robust privacy standards,” he said.

Voodoo lead monetisation manager Baptiste Durif added: “Our decision to exclusively partner with Audiomob is a testament to their global footprint and the growth of in-app audio advertising formats. By integrating skippable and rewarded audio ads, we can offer a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, while also providing a valuable opportunity for advertisers to connect with our vast player base.”