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Manish Agarwal steps down as Reliance Games CEO, Amit Khanduja takes over

Indian gaming evangelist is on the move
Manish Agarwal steps down as Reliance Games CEO, Amit Khanduja takes over

One of the loudest voices to evangelise the Indian gaming scene, Manish Agarwal, is serving his notice period as CEO of Reliance Games.

The company is behind games such as Real Steel, Pacific Rim, and Shadow Strike

This year it also worked with Pocket Gamer to organise the first mobile gaming conference of its kind in India, Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore.

Big beast

Agarwal was at the centre of all these developments, leading Reliance Games in forging relationships with DreamWorks, Warner Bros, and Columbia Pictures to create games from their films.

Before Reliance, Agarwal worked at Infosys, Microsoft and UTV, and initially held the position of COO before becoming the company’s CEO – which he has held for the last three years.

As yet his next move is uncertain, though there are rumours that he may join fellow Mumbai games company Nazara Technologies.

He told Pocket Gamer, "I have finally decided to walk the talk and focus on the potential opportunities which the India Mobile Gaming business offers. I will put my entire efforts over next 3-5 years into finding solutions which are unique to this market as consumer behaviour here is very different from global markets - as you would have heard from some of the people you interacted during Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore."

Agarwal also confirmed that Amit Khanduja would be taking up the mantle of CEO following his resignation.

"Amit Khanduja is taking over from me and hence there is zero disruption in business continuity."

This article was updated with comment from Manish Agarwal.