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Monster Hunter Now is a roaring success, making $100 million in under three months

Another milestone for Monster Hunter Now solidifies Niantic’s latest success
Monster Hunter Now is a roaring success, making $100 million in under three months
  • Monster Hunter Now reaches $100 million in gross revenue
  • Japan represents the game's biggest audience in downloads and revenue

Niantic's Monster Hunter Now has reached another major milestone just shy of three months since release, having now surpassed $100 million in gross revenue across the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This marks the latest in a long series of accomplishments, from $31.44 million revenue in the game’s first month to 10 million downloads in its first 35 days.

Reaching $100 million in under three months, therefore, shows exceptional revenue generation, with momentum increasing since launch and showing no signs of slowing down. So far, Japanese fans are far and away the most engrossed in Monster Hunter Now, with 70% of revenues having come from Japan across 35% of downloads.

This only adds further validity to Sensor Tower’s optimism that Niantic’s newest release could "surpass" its flagship Pokémon Go in the region.

Hunting for success

Niantic’s search to capture lightning twice has been a long one, with a rising belief that Pokémon Go was a one-off outlier in the augmented reality space that simply could not be repeated. However, Niantic seems to have finally bottled that lightning again seven years later, and has done so once more with a Japanese monster-fighting IP.

It was clear from early on that Monster Hunter Now had huge potential, gaining interest in the buildup to release and attracting five million downloads by the end of its launch week. Since then, Now soon reached 10 million (or 8.9 million by AppMagic’s reckoning) with its biggest audiences being Japan, the US and Taiwan, with 35%, 14% and 12% of downloads respectively.

As for its biggest spenders, Japan’s dominance cannot be understated; representing 70% of Now’s revenue, Japan has a massive lead over the second-biggest spender, Hong Kong, at 9%. The US and Taiwan are currently tied for third at 7% each, according to AppMagic data.

Now will reach its three-month anniversary on December 14, and from here it looks set to continue an advance into a mobile behemoth. Major content updates are planned to release every three months to keep players engaged, with the first big overhaul confirming game balancing, new weapons, and a mountain of new monsters can be expected with each new season