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Netmarble unveils upcoming Metaverse and NFT projects

70% of upcoming games with utilise blockchain tech
Netmarble unveils upcoming Metaverse and NFT projects

South Korean mobile games firm Netmarble has revealed that it has geared up to enter the metaverse and blockchain space with a selection of upcoming games.

As reported by Forbes, Netmarble chairman and founder Bang Jun-hyuk revealed in a press conference that the company is preparing to launch 20 games, of which 70 per cent will use blockchain technology.

Netmarble will first integrate blockchain tech in its RPG A3: Still Alive in March this year, allowing players to monetise in-game assets, such as weapons, with cryptocurrency. As such, A3: Still Alive will be Netmarble’s first play-to-earn title.

Another upcoming title, Everybody's Marble: Metaworld, will focus on the metaverse and virtual real estate, allowing users to purchase virtual plots of land to do with as they wish, such as advertise or hold events, as seen in similar games.

A piece of the pie

As play-to-earn games are banned in South Korea the majority of the upcoming slew of games is planned to be marketed overseas.

Earlier this month, Netmarble announced the launch of its CO2 emission management company, ESG Management Council, in a bid to reduce its annual CO2 output. Coincidentally, the entire process around NFTs has been criticised for its high emissions output, due to the amount of energy involved in the various processes, such as mining cryptocurrencies which are used to purchase and trade NFTs.

Netmarble isn’t the first South Korean company to enter the blockchain space. Last month, Com2Us Holdings launched an official website for its blockchain platform C2X which links various NFTs exchanges and games to support transactions.