There is going to be a Candy Crush TV show

New game show will have contestants competing on enormous interactive game boards

There is going to be a Candy Crush TV show

CBS has partnered with Lionsgate Television and King to create a new one-hour TV series based on the wildly popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga.

The game show, simply called Candy Crush, will see teams of two people “use their wits and physical agility” to compete on enormous interactive game boards as they attempt to “conquer Candy Crush”,

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Candy Crush Saga creator and King Chief Creative Officer Sebastian Knutsson and King Brand VP Nicki Sheard will serve as executive producers on the show. They’ll work alongside Matt Kunitz and Peter Levin.

A host for the show has yet to be announced.

“We’re excited to work with Lionsgate and King to adapt one of the world’s most popular and entertaining game franchises for television and make it available to its massive, passionate fan base who can watch and play along at home,” said CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular mobile games ever. King claims around 18 billion game rounds of the game are played every month.

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