Newzoo: Over 46 per cent of all “gaming enthusiasts” are women

Women are likely to be killing time on mobile games in Newzoo's gaming demographic breakdown

Newzoo: Over 46 per cent of all “gaming enthusiasts” are women

Analytics firm Newzoo reports that there may be over one billion female gaming fans worldwide.

Newzoo’s breakdown of gaming demographics has divided the breadth of gaming consumers into eight 'personas'. While 46 per cent of "gaming enthusiasts" may be female, certain forms of consumption are more female-friendly than others.

The most popular category for women is Time-Fillers - gamers who largely play mobile games to kill time on a commute. Two-thirds of Time-Fillers are women, with 36 per cent of women fitting into this persona versus 19 per cent of men.

Cloud Gamers follow with 17 per cent of all women gamers, so-named for a preference towards high-quality experiences without a costly hardware buy-in. Newzoo suggests products like Google's Stadia will be game-changers for this persona.

Curb your enthusiasm

Men are most likely to be this Cloud Gamer archetype, followed by Time Filler and the more immediately typical Ultimate Gamer - the kind of consumer who lives and breathes games, gaming hardware and games media.

Newzoo isn’t the only company keeping tabs on gaming demographics. The ESA recently released its breakdown on American gaming audiences, sharing their platform preferences and political divides.

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