Goodgame Studios announces global release of Empire: Age of Knights

The franchise boasts nearly 200 million players worldwide

Goodgame Studios announces global release of Empire: Age of Knights

German developer Goodgame Studios has launched its medieval strategy game Empire: Age of Knights worldwide.

Part of Stillfront Group, the company has gained almost 200 million players globally for its Empire franchise.

Playing as a knight, players will need to build the defences and capabilities of their castle while defending their land from incoming enemies. There are two approaches to this title - a peaceful trader or competitive tyrant.

A new game in the franchise

“A new Medieval Empire game has been highly anticipated by our player community,” says Head of Studio, Simon Andrews.

“Player and publisher feedback has been very positive, and we have seen great interest through our pre-registration campaigns. In short, we are very excited to add EMPIRE: Age of Knights to our portfolio, extending our brand globally and offering our community a completely new Empire experience.”

Stillfront Group CEO Jörgen Larsson added: “It is exciting that Goodgame Studios is releasing a new game within the Empire family containing of five games in total.

“Goodgame Studios has an extensive experience in building evergreen games – EMPIRE: Four Kingdoms is the world’s all-time highest-grossing app produced by a German studio. We are very excited to launch the game and look forward to player feedback.”

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