New Sonic movie trailer shows off improved redesign after fan backlash

Shadow of its former self

New Sonic movie trailer shows off improved redesign after fan backlash

Paramount Pictures has launched a new trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film, showing off the character’s new look.

The original trailer made its debut in April earlier this year, revealing a strange design choice for the blue blur which differentiated heavily from the classic appearance - including human teeth.

The film was originally scheduled to release on November 8th, 2019 but after the poor reception, a decision was made to push the movie to 2020 so the designers could go back to the drawing board.

A hashtag stating that ‘no VFX artists were harmed in the making of this movie’ was posted by the film’s director Jeff Fowler at the time.

Fan reception

Prior to the new trailer, Jeff Fowler today took to Twitter saying that he “could not be more excited to share our new Sonic” as well as mentioning that“this wouldn’t have been possible without the fans”.

Already fan reception has been largely more positive, with many replying to the director’s Tweet with their gratitude.

See the new trailer in full below:

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will premiere on February 14th, 2020 in cinemas worldwide.

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