Playtika is donating its catered meals to local communities to help against the coronavirus

It's giving resources to its staff working from home

Playtika is donating its catered meals to local communities to help against the coronavirus

Playtika will donate its catered meals to nonprofits and local communities after its staff begin to work from home.

When on-site, the Israel-based firm provides its staff with meals. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, the company has asked its caterering providers worldwide to offer meals to the local communities.

Through doing this, not only will many people get the food they need, but the catering staff can still earn money and provide for their own families.

In Israel alone, 500 food packages will be delivered weekly. Throughout Eastern Europe, 2,500 hot meals and food packages will be donated per week.

On top of helping communities, the Israeli firm will provide resources to its employees to help educate their children and to keep them entertained and occupied during the outbreak.

Helping people

"In many of our sites around the world, we are fortunate to be able to treat our staff to in-house catering – for us, it is important that not only this food does not go to waste, but that our suppliers don't lose out as a result of the current situation, which would have a knock-on effect to their staff, and their families," said Playtika COO Oran Piekarski.

"It helps out people who need support now more than ever - the decision was not a difficult one for us to make."

Due to the outbreak, many companies have asked its employees to work from home – including Rockstar, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Google and more.

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