Krafton consolidates Pnix and Delusion Studio to form RisingWings

The new studio will focus on casual and midcore mobile games

Krafton consolidates Pnix and Delusion Studio to form RisingWings

South Korean games firm Krafton has consolidated Pnix Inc and Delusion Studio into one new mobile-focused studio.

The new development arm, dubbed RisingWings Inc, will have a particular focus on casual and midcore mobile titles.

However, the studio will maintain focus on titles that were previously developed by Pnix and Delusion, such as Golf King - World Tour and MiniGolf King. Furthermore, RisingWings will work on strategy, arcade and outdoor sports projects that will be released next year.

Before being consolidated, Pnix had a focus on the casual genre and were best known for Archery King and Bowling King, which racked up 80 million and 91 million downloads, respectively.

New identity

Furthermore, PUBG Corp, now having merged with Krafton, has been rebranded as PUBG Studio.

Despite the brand change, the studio will continue its focus on popular battle royale title PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

Earlier this year, the studio became responsible for the mobile adaptation in India after it was banned under Tencent's publishing. However, due to changes that have been made, PUBG Studio is able to return the battle royale to the country.

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