Goodgame Studios opens pre-registrations for Big Farm: Home & Garden

Only avaiable through Google Play

Goodgame Studios opens pre-registrations for Big Farm: Home & Garden

Goodgame Studios has expanded the Big Farm universe with its new match-three puzzler Big Farm: Home & Garden.

To date, the Big Farm series has attracted more than 92 million players worldwide. As of now, players are able to pre-register for Big Farm: Home & Garden through Google Play.

Recently, Goodgame Studios hit an impressive milestone, as its portfolio hit 500 million registered players. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest was cited as a driving force as it has attracted millions of users.

In Big Farm: Home & garden, players will be able to decorate various farm areas, as well as houses.

On the farm

"We are excited to launch our first home decoration and match-three game within the 'Big Farm' family," said studio head Simon Andrews.

"'Big Farm: Home & Garden' will complement our highly successful 'Big Farm' and 'Big Farm: Mobile Harvest' games, giving our players new experiences to enjoy and explore. From the beautiful art style to the very unique match-three game features, 'Big Farm: Home & Garden' offers a compelling and fresh approach to this popular genre."

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