ByteBrew open beta attracts over 1000 developers

The ByteBrew platform offers a suite of features to help developers and publishers better understand their games and players.

ByteBrew open beta attracts over 1000 developers

The free all-in-one game platform has announced that it has topped over 1,000 game studios and developers signed up for its upcoming open beta.

The ByteBrew platform comes equipped with a stack of features to give game developers a battery of tools to better understand their games and players.

Out of the box, every game developer using ByteBrew gets the following:

  • Real-time Analytics: An advanced player analytics system that tracks developer’s most important insights automatically
  • Monetisation: The first of its kind, ByteBrew’s monetisation dashboard enables their developers to track not only their in-app purchases but even their in-game advertising revenue; so developers can easily measure real pLTV and pROAS - amazing for developers making games, that monetise primarily through ad placements, like hypercasual
  • Progression: New to the platform, the player progression dashboard breaks down game level statistics using gameplay funnels; showing developers how their players explore their games.
  • Live Ops: Often difficult to integrate, the ByteBrew team created remote config and A/B testing tools with a simple integration process to give developers control to deliver game-changing updates to their apps without having to update their storefronts
  • Marketing Measurement: Breaking the industry norms of pay per-conversion fees, the attribution dashboard provides developers with transparent marketing reports for both traditional and SKAdnetwork attribution; supplying developers with more capital to focus on growing their games

All of the above is contained under a lightweight SDK built for mobile game engines such as; Unity, Godot, GameMaker and native iOS/Android integrations.

After a successful closed alpha with select partners, ByteBrew has slotted its open beta launch for later this month. The launch of the platform comes just in time before Facebook Analytics closes its doors at the end of June; giving developers an easy-to-integrate free alternative to grow their games. spoke with ByteBrew co-founders Cameron Hozouri and Kian Hozouri about their latest announcements: What sets ByteBrew apart?

ByteBrew: Today, game developers are required to integrate and pay for multiple platforms in their games in order to get the technology they need to grow.

We provide developers with one centralised platform, and one lightweight SDK to get everything they need to grow their games, completely free, with a richer set of features than any other game platform on the market. Let's keep developers focused on building amazing games and let us build the technology to support them.

What new features came out of Alpha?

We received a lot of fantastic feedback from game developers using ByteBrew during our closed alpha. And from their suggestions, we created a player progression dashboard that tracks the performance of players traversing through the developer’s gameplay. Using the progression dashboard, developers can see statistics to understand how players advance through their games, level by level or world by world.

Key figures we’ve built on the progression dashboard; like our advanced funnelling systems and time completion funnels, allow developers to recognise where their user’s critical churn points are located in their games. We have much more really exciting technology in development that we can’t wait to bring to ByteBrew and our game dev community.

Having over one thousand developers signed up for the platform was our goal for the end of 2022.

What does the future for ByteBrew look like?

The support from the game developer community has blown us away. Having over one thousand developers signed up for the platform was our goal for the end of 2022.

Surpassing that before we have even launched confirms how much the developer community is searching for a product that won't limit the growth of their games. From here, we are working on lots of new features that will be releasing soon to continue to grow and support the community.

How can ByteBrew be free?

We made ByteBrew to be completely free for game developers by automating our technology and platform workflow to make the platform self-service.

Developers can sign up, get access and add their games to the platform without having to speak with any customer support reps. Our focus as an organisation is to focus on advancing the technology of the platform.

How easy is it to start using ByteBrew?

We’ve seen more than our fair share of complex integrations processes while making games; so we made ByteBrew as easy to work with as possible. Developers can sign up for the platform completely on their own and see their game’s analytics start populating with only one line of code.

For developers who want to dive deeper into their games, we’ve even built a video documentation series on our YouTube channel that will be launched with our beta to walk developers through the platform step by step.

Where can developers learn more?

Anyone who wants to learn more about ByteBrew can visit our website, reach us directly via email, or join our developer community discord to chat with us and other developers. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.