App Store developers have been paid 48% more since 2020

Apple has paid out $230 billion since 2008

App Store developers have been paid 48% more since 2020

Apple has paid developers $230 billion for using its App Store since 2008.

The figure was confirmed via Apple App Store director of product Ann Thai during the company's WWDC digital event held on June 7th, 2021.

Most notably, this represented a rise of approximately 48 per cent, going off the previously stated $155 billion that was paid out by 2020. It's worth noting that this number accounts for all apps - be that games-related or otherwise.

This is likely a direct result of Apple's decision to reduce the 30 per cent standard revenue fee to 15 per cent for any developer that earns less than $1 million in annual sales from all of their apps, concerning all paid app revenue and in-app purchases from January 2020.

It was further confirmed that the App Store receives 600 million weekly visitors across 175 regions countries and regions.

"Engine for innovation"

"Since the beginning, we designed the App Store to be a safe and trusted place," Thai told viewers.

"Users can just focus on finding the right app, known Apple has reviewed every app to make sure it meets our high standards for security, privacy and safety.

"And that's why the App Store now serves 600 million visitors in 175 countries and regions, making it a great business opportunity for all developers and an engine for innovation and growth."

During the same segment, it was announced that an App Product Page would launch instantly, where developers can create multiple custom product pages to showcase different features of an app for different users. This can include different screenshots, videos and app icons.

The full Apple WWDC stream can be watched below:

Apple recently revealed that it had refused entry to almost one million "problematic" new apps and a further one million app updates for the App Store in 2020.


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