Splash raises $20 million for Roblox music game

Will improve virtual instruments and establish more partnerships

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November 2nd, 2021 investment Bitkraft Ventures
Splash raises $20 million for Roblox music game

Splash, a developer of mobile games in Roblox, has raised $20.8 million following a Series A funding round.

As reported by, The funding round was co-led by Amazon’s Alexa Fund and Bitkraft Ventures, and featured participation from Khosla Ventures and King River Capital.

Splash was founded in 2017, originally under the name PopGun, and launched its Roblox music game in 2020.

In Splash, players can create music and perform in front of virtual live audiences. Additionally, players can participate in minigames such as skateboarding or flying racings

In Roblox, Splash has an average of 10 million monthly active users and over 5.4 million people performing on the stage.

The capital raised will be used to improve the AI-powered virtual instruments, scale the community, establish strategic partnerships, and expand the in-game offerings, such as venues.

Live virtual performance platform

"We are growing a team of musicians, technology professionals, gamers, and creatives who have joined our mission to find new and inventive ways to inspire the next generation of musicians," said Splash CEO Stephen Phillips.

"With over 7.8 million people who have made music in Splash, we are on track to one day host the world's must-attend virtual performances.

"We are thrilled to have incredible investors in our corner who believe in our mission to launch the next generation of superstars and become the place where millions of people perform live daily."

Roblox recently suffered a three-day outage, putting the game offline from October 28th and not returning until October 31st, with the company stating the outage was not due to internal intrusion.

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