No exclusive titles for Steam Deck, says Valve

Steam Deck front page will feature only deck verified titles

No exclusive titles for Steam Deck, says Valve

Valve’s Steamworks Steam Deck event, which took questions from publishers and developers, has seen the confirmation that there are no plans to allow exclusive titles on the platform.

The company responded to a question directly regarding Steam Deck exclusives: "That doesn't make much sense to us. It's a PC and it should just play games like a PC."

This news has been re-confirmed on a Steam FAQ page that covers the questions from the event.

In the FAQ, another comment by Valve reiterated that whilst the handheld supports the installation of software outside of the digital storefront, the front page of the Steam Deck store shows "only deck verified titles".

Players will still be able to access an unrestricted computer desktop to install and use third-party applications, to run non-Steam games.

Play like a PC

Valve also added that the entire Steam store will still be available to users of the Steam Deck, just one tab away from the home page.

To enable players to navigate their libraries and the store more easily, the Steam Deck will have a modified version of the SteamOS with a console-like interface.

Advice from the company to developers at the event ranged from giving games FPS limits to optimise battery usage, to implementing gyro controls in combination with joysticks for finer precision.

Neon Doctrine co-founder Vladislav Tsopljak recently spoke at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital Next about the advantages of building a player community on Steam.

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