Bayz partners with Ignite Tournaments to encourage entry into play-to-earn

Removing barriers to entry to improve global accessibility

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March 22nd, 2022 partnership Bayz
Ignite Tournaments
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Bayz partners with Ignite Tournaments to encourage entry into play-to-earn

NFT gaming guild Bayz has partnered with play-to-earn esports organiser Ignite Tournaments with the intention of providing educational and financial support to people being introduced to play-to-earn.

With this partnership, users of Bayz will now be able to participate in said tournaments on Ignite Tournaments’ platform. Other platform partners such as Yield Guild Games can also pit communities against one another in guild wars.

Furthermore, players from a number of P2E games can use Ignite Tournaments’ app to join tournaments and organise them.

Refining the experience

Bayz raised $4 million in its seed funding round in December 2021 with the lead investor having been Yield Guild Games, stating at the time that the use of the funds would be partially determined by the consideration of social impact.

Initially, the intention to remove barriers to entry around P2E games will focus on gamers in Brazil. Bayz and Ignite Tournaments are going to partner with guilds, game publishers, and esports teams to grow, working to increase user acquisition and engage audiences in Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and more.

Ignite Tournaments also has a guild leaderboard system to track performance, and tournament sponsorship is being simplified by leveraging the shared guild treasury feature. Bayz is going to help refine the platform-native workflows for gamers, organisers and sponsors so that stakeholders see the best value possible from the Ignite Tournaments ecosystem.

Ignite Tournaments has raised a total of $10 million between a seed round in December 2021 and strategic funding round in February 2022 to create its mobile play-to-earn esports tournament and streaming platform.

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