Morgan Stanley awards Netmarble in latest ESG evaluation

South Korean mobile firm receives A rating in latest environmental governance report

Morgan Stanley awards Netmarble in latest ESG evaluation

Netmarble has revealed the firm received an A in Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) environmental, social, and governance evaluation (ESG).

Given Netmarble's position in the mobile gaming industry, it has strived for an A rating for some time now. In the year 2020, Netmarble was given a BB. The following year, in 2021, it received a higher BBB rating.

Even after Netmarble's shaky start to 2022, releasing its financial report for the first quarter of 2022, which revealed a 43 per cent fall in EBITDA, although the firm still managed to finish the first half of the year strong.

How Netmarble maintains a high and sustainable ESG score

Netmarble is currently using certified eco-friendly resources for the company's new G-Tower headquarters. It provides transparent and sound governance structures with social contribution activities.

The South Korean mobile game developer unveiled an ESG report in March 2022 that intended to make games more competitive, generate social value, and execute sustainable management activities.

It would seem that they are on the right track in the light of their latest MSCI ESG evaluation. Netmarble intends to share more of its sustainable management activities and implement further plans with its stakeholder.

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