Goddess of Victory: Nikke exceeds 25m downloads prior to PC port

The anime-style shooter will also collaborate with popular series Chainsaw Man

Goddess of Victory: Nikke exceeds 25m downloads prior to PC port

Nikke - the popular but controversial mobile rail-shooter - will be making the jump to PC, as well as seeing its first collaboration with popular anime and manga series Chainsaw Man.

The game was first released back in November 2022 and was instantly notable for its higher than usual level of “fanservice” - the inclusion of titillating content - in a mobile game. Often seen more often in magazines and anime series, it prompted a flood of interest both critical and positive in the game. This dubious tactic seems to have paid off however, as while the game has not been a mega-hit, it’s seen more than respectable levels of success.

After this success on mobile, Goddess of Victory: Nikke is now also seeing its official release on PC, with full cross-play support to boot. With the game currently only available through the official website, and not on major distribution channels such as Steam, Epic Games or GOG. This is accompanied by its first brand collaboration with popular series Chainsaw Man and the announcement that the game had exceeded 25m downloads.

To cross or not to cross

The inclusion of cross-play into the PC version indicates that Nikke is seeking to capture a cross-platform audience. While many may think of PC, console and mobile gamers as entirely separate demographics the reality is that they have massive amounts of crossover with players on one platform often spending time on another depending on the circumstances.

Regardless of the nature of the content included in the game, it seems that this has not been a barrier to its success. Titillating content is not uncommon in gacha games, think of all the exclusive swimsuit outfits, but Nikke is being a lot more open and honest about its inclusion. It may still prove to be an obstacle however, especially to the game's inclusion on more mainstream distribution platforms.

Like it or not, Goddess of Victory: Nikke has managed an impressive level of success since release. With the port to PC it may be that we’ll see cross-platform and cross-progression remain an increasingly important element of mobile titles.

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