Mobile MMO TibiaME celebrates its 20th anniversary

One of the oldest mobile games in existence has achieved over 10 million users since 2003

Mobile MMO TibiaME celebrates its 20th anniversary

CipSoft’s MMO TibiaMe is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, cementing its place as the oldest MMORPG for mobile devices which is still being successfully developed.

TibiaME followed the PC release of Tibia, one of the first MMORPG’s, in 1997. The success of Tibia led to the development of TibiaME in cooperation with T-Mobile, and since then has been available on nearly every mobile platform.

The game has proven a success, with over ten million players exploring the game’s numerous islands together.

"We just bet that the market would continue to evolve. Smartphones with touch displays or apps weren't even talked about back then," said CipSoft co-founder and managing director Ulrich Schlott. "Experiencing the emergence of the mobile gaming market first-hand through the eyes of our own game was not only extremely exciting but also a great challenge. We are really proud that TibiaME still fascinates players all over the world."

A big update

To celebrate the anniversary of TibiaME, the game has implemented several new updates, including a new user interface and a redesigned starting area. To highlight the game’s enviable legacy, one of the game’s islands can be visited in a classic look reflective of the TibiaME’s early days, offering unique rewards and daily tasks. Additionally, the game’s creators have been incorporated into the game as bosses.

Developer CipSoft is one of the oldest game developers in Germany, and driven largely by the success of Tibia and TibiaME generates an annual turnover of 20 million euros, with a workforce of over 90 employees. The studio has been the recipient of numerous accolades, including the 2022 “Studio of the Year” award by the German government and the German Games Industry Association at the German Computer Game Awards. The company has also been recognized by international institute Great Place to Work, including being named as one of Bavaria’s best employers in 2023.

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