Bidstack brings its intrinsic advertising to two new mobile racing game studios

The company's platform for adding themed, unobtrusive ads to games has just gained two new partners

Bidstack brings its intrinsic advertising to two new mobile racing game studios

Intrinsic advertising specialists Bidstack are set to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their partnership with Fingersoft, as well as partnering with two new studios; The Tiny Digital Factory and Fat Cigar Productions Ltd.

Bidstack originally introduced their intrinsic advertisement technology into Fingersoft’s title Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing back in May of 2022. Since then, the company has expanded its investment into intrinsic advertising - a form of in-game advertising that exists within the game world itself on billboards or surfaces - by partnering with virtual sporting developers and more.

The technology will be introduced to The Tiny Digital Factory’s title GT Manager and to Fat Cigar Production’s Street Kart Racing. Although quite different in gameplay both are focused around the world of racing and thus, race tracks similar to those that you would find in the real world, advertising included. Bidstack’s tech can then further emphasise the authenticity of these locations by adding real-world advertising to the virtual landscape.

VP of gaming at Bidstack, Antoine Jullemier, stated, “I’m so pleased to be working with these three incredible racing studios. Brands are a huge part of racing and mobile games; therefore, they tend to have a lot of spaces suitable for in-game ad content, which can enhance the realism of those spaces.

“Our lightweight SDK means that game performance is unaffected, which is a critical consideration when it comes to players’ on-track performance. We’re super excited to further develop our relationship with Fingersoft and to add The Tiny Digital Factory and Fat Cigar Productions Ltd to the Bidstack paddock. As in-game advertising continues to gain traction with brands, we expect to see the channel generate record revenues in the year ahead.”

Is intrinsic better?

There is significant evidence that intrinsic advertising is preferred by players who feel it is less intrusive upon their gameplay experience. Frameplay, another company specialising in intrinsic advertising, found that although players tended to be against any form of in-game advertising, intrinsic advertising was considered the least intrusive.

There are of course issues, such as keeping advertising in line with the world of the game it’s placed in, but it seems that intrinsic advertising is set to continue to grow in adoption.

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