PUBG Mobile may still dominates in the Middle East but local favourites are making big money

The latest Middle Eastern rankings for downloads and revenue feature strong performance from familiar favourites alongside surprise new entries

PUBG Mobile may still dominates in the Middle East but local favourites are making big money

The latest Middle Eastern rankings for app downloads and revenue for September in the region have been revealed by Diandian and show plenty of new surprises alongside the familiar faces.

Examining downloads first we see that Apple’s App Store continues to feature PUBG Mobile in the top spot, which despite its age - the game was first released in 2018 - still managed to notch up an impressive 1.07 million downloads in September. The game moved from number five up to number one, with the previous month’s number one most-downloaded game, My Perfect Hotel, this time slipping to number three in the region, with the venerable Subway Surfers sitting at number two.

Over on the Google Play Store however things are far less predictable with the number one most-downloaded game being Build a Queen from super-casual studio Supersonic Studios LTD. The game combines a heady mix of free-running gameplay, dress-up and character building and has appeared in the top 10 free games charts of many countries around the world following its release last month. The game impressively notched up 1.1 million downloads in the region in September, rocketing to number one from number 146 last month.

And while the iOS chart has zero new entries in its 20 Google Play has a new entry in with a bullet at number five. Nextbots In Backrooms is based on the popular claustrophobic horror ‘backroom’ or maze escape theme with players running to escape enemies. Uniquely for a backroom game, Nextbots allows the player to also fight back with the use of memes and emoticons lightening the mood.

Show me the money

In the revenue charts once again the trends and tastes of the Middle East play a huge part in what’s successful with Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino topping the iOS chart (beating global big-earner PUBG Mobile) while coming an impressive third in the Google Play chart. The chat/social ludo game’s estimated revenue exceeded $3.38 million for the month, beating out similar genre competition for hearts and minds.

PUBG Mobile does take the top spot for revenue on Google Play however, who’s top three remain unchanged from last month with Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino at number three and the evergreen Roblox at number two. PUBG’s September earning exceeded $7.49 million showing that this powerhouse continues to stack it in markets globally.

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