Squad Busters puts on another 10m pre registrations in 11 days

Supercell's upcoming global launch has just passed its 30m total pre registrations target way ahead of schedule

Squad Busters puts on another 10m pre registrations in 11 days

When Supercell took to X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate that they had garnered 20m pre registrations for their upcoming (and only sixth ever) global release they let slip that the real total they had in mind was reaching 30m. before the game's release on May 29th

That's quite the target.

However, given the popularity of the game and the speed at which it had hit 20m registrations, at the time of reporting the milestone, we noted that hitting that 30m goal seemed likely as they had - at the time - a whole 27 days to go before the launch. Now, it seems, that the game has gone one better, reaching that 30m target total and gaining that 'final' 10m extra players in just 11 days - 15 days ahead of schedule and the game's launch.

Once again, taking to X to spread the news (and reveal some of the gifts awaiting players who pre register), the Supercell team used the company's account to celebrate.

Squad Busters is shaping up to be one of 2024's biggest launches (on any format) and we've already taken multiple deep dives into what makes it tick.

It's a game that Supercell themselves have described as being "a love letter to Supercell's IP" and has attracted a string of comments and opinions on what the game is doing right and wrong, being praised for its smart use of the company's famous properties to complaints that it "feels like a game designed by committee to satisfy corporate box-ticking."

Product and game design consultant Jakub Remiar described the evolution of the game here, while UA and marketing expert Matej Lančarič examines its winning gameplay and ongoing global launch strategy here.

This article is part of our Road to Helsinki series, where we put the spotlight on the Finnish and Nordic games industries ahead of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki on October 1st and 2nd.


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