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Newzoo: Apple and Google will open up app marketplaces in 2022

Expectations for the next year
Newzoo: Apple and Google will open up app marketplaces in 2022
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Games market analysis firm Newzoo has released its predictions for gaming trends in 2022. Expectations range from changes in play-to-earn, to Apple, Google, and the metaverse.

One trend Newzoo expects to see is an increased desire for cross-platform play and cloud gaming, but, because of the potential impacts on revenue, Apple and Google are unlikely to allow cloud gaming in their stores.

As a result of the ongoing Apple vs. Epic legal battle, Newzoo has predicted that there will be an opening-up of ecosystems on app stores, and developers will be looking for methods of bypassing first-party store payments. In line with this, Apple has recently put forward plans to comply with new legislation in South Korea that requires alternate payment systems on app marketplaces.

Newzoo claims that Apple and Google will only begin to open up their platforms in 2022 and that the biggest changes to the app markerplaces will be seen in 2023 and beyond.

Looking ahead

Following the release of many successful game adaptations of IPs and media adaptations of video games, this trend is expected to continue. Newzoo notes Embracer Group's acquisition of Dark Horse Comics’ IP-rich catalogue as a good example of this. Additionally, live ops will also continue to propel free-to-play games, engage players and earn revenue.

Newzoo expects the excitement around NFTs in cases such as Axie Infinity to help legitimise player-to-player models, both from the perspectives of Triple A publishers and shareholders. The company’s own data also suggests an enthusiasm in players for trading in-game cosmetics.

Newzoo acknowledged the challenges, however, between South Korea banning crypto games on app stores and Valve having banned crypto and NFT games on Steam. Given that many gamers are opposed to seeing NFTs in games, Newzoo’s report predicts that they might be introduced under a 'less controversial' name.

You can read the full report here.