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Nintendo Switch global production output hit by coronavirus

China outbreak affecting Vietnam assembly
Nintendo Switch global production output hit by coronavirus

Nintendo Switch global production output looks to be impacted as a result of the ongoing coronavirus.

As reported by Bloomberg, manufacturing is struggling to keep up with the demand for the console in the US and Europe, with limited supplies only making their way out at the minute.

Nintendo confirmed earlier this month to Japan residents that its Switch production was impacted by the coronavirus in China.

As a result of the limited supply, the effects have now been felt at a Nintendo assembly partner's factory in Vietnam, where the stock is primarily used for building Switch units for the US and European market.

Shortage of components

According to inside sources, the shortage of components would mean certain Switch units would not arrive in western territories until April at the earliest.

This could potentially be quite impactful as Nintendo readies to launch its first major game release of the year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, due to launch on March 20th, 2020.


Nintendo recently cut all ties with a games website responsible for leaking information about Pokemon Sword and Shield in November 2019.

Prior to this, an unofficial Mario Kart go-karting company in Japan was ordered to pay Nintendo ¥50 million ($458,000) in damages for intellectual property infringement.