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Nintendo Switch will have a subscription charge for online play

Subscribers will get a free NES and SNES game each month
Nintendo Switch will have a subscription charge for online play

The Nintendo Switch will charge users to player their games online and access other online services.

A free trial period will start in March, with the full paid service launching in autumn 2017.

Nintendo will also release an app for smartphones from which players can invite friends to play online, set a time to play games and also chat with friends during online matches.

A limited free version of the app will go live on the app stores in Summer 2017.

Free monthly game

The paid service will also come with a free monthly download of a NES or SNES game. It’s not clear whether these games will be accessible after the month is over.

It has also been suggested that some Super Nintendo games will be updated with online play.

Subscribers will also get access to special discounts on digital games and other content.

Players will also be able to use the service for free to share images on social media, though the ability to share video gameplay won't come until a later date. Users will still be able to access the Nintendo eShop without a subscription.

The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd and will come with a US price of $299.99 and a UK price of £280.

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