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Outfit7’s Talking Tom hits its 10 year anniversary this month

The title will be a decade old on July 13
Outfit7’s Talking Tom hits its 10 year anniversary this month

Outfit7’s Talking Tom will turn 10 this year, with a special celebration in-game set to take place on July 13.

Talking Tom is the long-running franchise that has helped catapult Outfit7 to global success. In spite of, or perhaps because of, being a relatively simple digital pet simulator featuring the titular Tom, the franchise has spawned merchandise, spin-off endless runners and a possible movie. It also holds the distinction of being the most downloaded mobile game franchise in the past ten years worldwide.

The celebration event, to be held in-game in Talking Tom 2 will also cryptically allow players to “have the opportunity to celebrate with an exciting in-game birthday event, and to earn the biggest rewards ever.”

Outfit7 CEO Xinyu Qian commented, "Reaching this 10-year mark is a testament to the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of My Talking Tom. We are grateful to our dedicated players worldwide, who have supported us throughout this incredible journey. The in-game birthday event in My Talking Tom 2 is our way of expressing our gratitude and sharing the joy with them."

What’s next for Talking Tom?

For those not familiar with the mobile game business it may be slightly confusing seeing a title like Talking Tom become a massive multi-hit. However, Outfit7 has managed to spin-out and expand a simple concept into an engaging title and sequel that has hit major success.

This has led to the studio expanding substantially, including making their own investments into up and coming companies such as educational startup Hopalai. Talking Tom itself has also expanded beyond just mobile and even into in-car entertainment systems, emphasising the family-friendly nature of the franchise that has contributed to its success.

Whether or not Outfit7 can eclipse their past success will depend on the success of their spin-offs, and Talking Tom 3, if we ever do get another entry in the flagship series.