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Perion's expanded Growmobile platform adds engagement solution

Grownmobile launches engagement offering Beta
Perion's expanded Growmobile platform adds engagement solution

Growmobile, the mobile marketing division of Perion, is growing.

It’s just launched into Beta a new engagement offering that claims to enable app developers and mobile CRM managers to increase conversions and customer spend through a single streamlined platform that reduces churn.

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The platform also promises to provide information on targeting the right segments, incentives and channels at the right times, allowing developers and publishers to create and launch tailored campaigns.

“Because churn can be as big a challenge as acquiring users, we made it a priority to ensure that our users have the ability to acquire and then retain their users,” said Shai Gottesdiener, General Manager of Growmobile.

“Now, in addition to enabling our users to advertise on all major traffic sources, including Facebook and Twitter, we will provide them with the means to keep the users they invested time and money to acquire.”

This new engagement offering bolsters Growmobile’s existing innovative UA and social advertising platform, which allows marketers to advertise across traffic sources like Facebook and Twitter from a single, centralized interface.