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The podcast is BACK with Google on games

Season 2 of the world’s favourite mobile games podcast is your chance to hear from the pioneers, creators, founders and thought leaders from the world of pocket gaming
The podcast is BACK with Google on games
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The podcast is back for a whole new season, with more of the movers, the shakers, the makers and the people behind the headlines.

We’ll be speaking to game designers and developers, business owners and leaders, and those responsible for making mobile games the fastest growing area of gaming in the world today.

We’ll be diving deep and looking behind the headlines to find out more about the ways in which the wide world of mobile games is evolving.


In episode one of the all-new podcast, we go big! We welcome Greg Hartrell, the product director of Android and Google Play, which is responsible for meeting the demands of three billion gamers around the world.


Greg chats to about the company’s latest research into the drives and desires of gamers worldwide. What are they playing? What moves them? And more to the point, what makes them switch off?

Greg also discusses the importance of launching a game and the growing opportunities being offered by cross-platform play.


The podcast will be hitting your inbox on a weekly basis, with insight from across the industry.

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Be our guest

We’re always interested in hearing from people across the mobile games community who have something to say.

If you think you have a story to tell, interesting industry insight, or think the world needs to hear from you or your company, then let us know.

You don’t have to be a founder or CEO, or have multiple years of experience under your belt. Let us know why you think you would make a good guest and you could find yourself part of a future episode. Get in touch.