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Pokémon Masters EX adds new in-app bundles

The recent dev letter outlines upcoming plans for the game
Pokémon Masters EX adds new in-app bundles

The latest Pokémon Masters EX dev letter from producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi highlights both recent updates and upcoming plans for the game.

Here they reveal that the 25th of each month will now be Pokémon Masters Day in honour of Pikachu, whose Pokédex number is 25.

On Pokémon Masters Day each month, in-game rallies will be held alongside other surprises as a sign of the developers’ appreciation.

One big change coming to co-op play is the speed of battles. They are going to be sped up so that players can get through more battles in less time.

A new co-op event is also scheduled to begin on November 8, 2021, where players can obtain new gear to power up their Pokémon.

The other new event planned is Poké War Games, where fan favourite characters like Diantha will appear in special costumes.

New bundles

Gems are the premium currency in Pokémon Masters EX, and the latest update has added new options as well as daily, weekly, and monthly categories. New items will be added to these starting November 1, 2021.

One new bundle is the Training Bundle, a special set designed to help players train up each type of Sync Pair, such as 4* Level-Up Manuals, Elite Four Notes, and Ultra Buff Blends.

This is particularly useful for players needing ‘a head start’.

Legendary content

Legendary Pokémon will be more easily available starting in late November. Legendary Events have previously been limited-time events where players could partner up with a Legendary and their trainer, but they are now coming back to be playable anytime.

Given previous Legendary Events, this should make it easier to add Silver and Ho-Oh, Ghetsis and Kyurem, and Cyrus and Palkia to your team.

Cyrus will also be appearing on Nintendo Switch in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, releasing on November 19, 2021. Find out more about its early-purchase bonuses here.