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Prison Architect surpasses four million players globally

Console developer Double Eleven taking over the project following Paradox sale
Prison Architect surpasses four million players globally

More than four million people have played management smash hit Prison Architect across all platforms.

That's according to new IP owner Paradox Interactive, who acquired the property from developer Introversion in January of this year.

Introversion revealed the userbase figure alongside the news that Double Eleven - who has been working on the console version of the simulation title - will be taking over as the lead developer moving forwards. Sales for Prison Architect were also confirmed to have doubled since the end of 2016. 

The title is available on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. 

"Excellent job"

“Double Eleven has done an excellent job supporting Prison Architect on console since 2016 and the game’s community loves what they bring to the table,” said Paradox product manager for Prison Architect Steacy McIlwham.

“We are confident in Double Eleven’s ability to continue improving upon an already great game and they have our full support.”

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