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Roblox appoints Christina Wootton as chief partnerships officer

Wootton has been with Roblox for close to a decade
Roblox appoints Christina Wootton as chief partnerships officer

Roblox has officially appointed Christina Wootton to the position of chief partnerships officer, to lead all partnerships, education and business development going forward.

Wootton joined Roblox almost a decade ago, spending her first year as director of sales in 2014 before proceeding to senior director of sales one year later. In 2016 she became VP of digital advertising sales.

Her most recent position before the new appointment was as VP of global partnerships, which she held from 2018. Over the course of her Roblox career, she has secured partnerships and grown them globally, educated brands on community and immersive spaces, and innovated new opportunities. This has extended to democratising industries and working with companies such as Netflix, Disney, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Gucci and Nike.

Mother and chief

Before joining Roblox, Wootton was Stardoll Media’s West Coast sales director where, similarly to Roblox, she partnered with movie studios and entertainment companies to create new content, custom avatars, shops and more.

"I was officially hired by Roblox in 2014 when I was nine months pregnant (first Roblox baby I believe) and promoted to a VP role while six months pregnant with my second child. I’ve felt continuously supported and mentored throughout my tenure at Roblox, and in my expanded role I hope to do the same for others at the company," said Wootton.

"I’m especially passionate about mentoring women and people from less represented groups, and I plan to dedicate more time to that in the future."

In total, Roblox had more than 100 brand activations in 2022 and hopes to double that this year. The platform also increased its userbase by 20 percent from 2021 to 2022.

"Our partnerships work continues to accelerate as we experiment with new technologies like immersive ads and grow our partner community and brand education through our new Roblox Partner Program," Wootton added.

"Ultimately, our team's work is about creating new ecosystems for people to communicate and connect with one another, as well as their favourite brands and talent."

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