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Rovio teams up with Kahoot to educate players on climate change

The Angry Birds creator developed six quizzes for the platform
Rovio teams up with Kahoot to educate players on climate change
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Rovio has formed a partnership with Kahoot to help educate players on the impact of climate change.

As detailed in a site update, the Finnish company will develop six Angry Birds-based quizzes to be released on the game-based learning platform.

Each quiz will cover a range of subjects such as deforestation, biodiversity, carbon footprint, and their effects on the environment.

"We're thrilled to join forces with Kahoot to bring an Angry Birds flair to their educational games," said Rovio brand director Stephen Porter.

"Environmental education and climate change awareness are extremely important and pressing topics for Rovio, and Kahoot's massive audience gives us a fantastic opportunity to contribute in these areas."

Players can visit the Angry Birds page here, should they wish to put their knowledge to the test.

Make a change

Kahoot is not the first organisation Rovio has teamed with for educational purposes.

Previously, the Angry Birds creator teamed up with UNICEF Finland to support the company's global work.

Moreover, Rovio was the first partner in the Staff for UNICEF programme, which was designed to raise money for the organisation's education programme worldwide.

"We at Kahoot are passionate about making the world a better place by bringing learning to life with fun and play, so joining forces with Angry Birds to make learning about climate change more engaging is an awesome fit," said Kahoot director of strategic partnerships Craig Narveson.

"Climate change can be an overwhelming subject, especially for young learners. We're excited to be working together with Angry Birds to introduce climate science in a fresh and interactive way, which learners of all ages can enjoy whether they're in the classroom or at home."